RAYNE, La. (KLFY) –A Rayne mother wants justice for her son after a weekend shooting.

Authorities say the shooting happened on North Bradford Street.

“I’m not stopping until justice is served even if I gotta take my last breath,” said Kira Babineaux, mother of the injured 17-year-old.

“I’m 39 years old. I have lived my life. I will die trying, and I’m not stopping until they’re in jail. I’m going to be in jail because justice will be served.”

She recalls a message she received this past weekend.

“Saturday morning around 3 a.m. I got a call that my son had been shot. My heart stopped, and I kept thinking that my son was dead,” said Babineaux.

Fortunately, her son is alive, but he was shot in the lower back area.

“Just seeing him can’t reach down for nothing, can’t bend down, can’t tie his shoe, can’t bathe himself its very heartbreaking.”

“He can’t bear the pain like he’s hurting. He’s in pain. I’m glad he’s here, but he’s hurting.”Babineaux said.

She explains how she’s been told the incident unfolded.

“My son was riding and they came back from the store. They went to their friend’s house and got a remote control to come back home and play the game, and whenever they pass in the front of the house, five boys came out the back yard shooting,” she said.

“Whenever he was bending down in the front seat to duck, that’s when the bullet hit him in his back.”

She said her son noticed two of the shooters.

“I gave names, I’ve been given names. If I got to take this to Lafayette, if I got to call the NAACP, justice will be served, and I’m not stopping until those boys are in jail.”

Babineaux adds the violence is between family members.

“These kids want to get a name for themselves in these streets. That’s really what they want to do, and it’s sad to say that this situation that’s going on is family.”

“The little boys that did that to my son. The little boys they are beefing with are my children’s cousins. I say my children are neutral in the situation they kin to both parties.”

The mother said she went to the Rayne Police Department about the recent shooting incident.

“I mean, when people get in a fight, they arrest them when people hang around stores they arrest them, and these little boys have been shooting up people’s houses, shooting at people, and nothing is getting done,” she said.

She adds this shooting is not the first she had to deal with in Rayne.

“My house got shot for Christmas. My son got grazed with a bullet whenever the same little want-to-be thugs shot up a home on September 8 in Rayne, and to me, it’s like nothing is getting done,” she said. “I still have a bullet hole in my kitchen, five bullet holes outside my house, and now my son got shot.

She is asking for justice.

“I don’t want to get a call saying that my son is dead, and as a mother, I’m not stopping, and I’m sorry to say if I have to take matters into my own hands, I will because my son could have been killed,” she said.