ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Excessive litter has been a problem in Acadia Parish. In efforts to keep roadways clear, the Sheriff’s Office and police jury have partnered up to create its new litter abatement program.

On roadways throughout Acadia Parish, trash and litter like this is considered a hazard to drivers and an eye sore to homeowners living nearby. Local law enforcement team up with city officials to address complaints about trash in the area.

“Our goal is real simple. We just want our parish to be real clean. it attracts business, it attracts new families, it attracts a lot of things that can come to Acadia Parish to help Acadia Parish continue to grow,” says Acadia Parish Sheriff KP Gibson.

Complaints of excessive litter throughout Acadia Parish has city officials and the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office springing into action. Sheriff Gibson says a partnership between the Acadia Parish Police Jury and the Sheriff’s Office has resulted in a litter abatement program where crews consisting of deputies and d-o-c inmates go out and remove trash, and various types of litter.

“We partnered up with the police jury and we have d-o-c inmates that work with us and go out so many days a week and go out to the area the police jury is receiving complaints on,” says Gibson.

Police Jury President Chance Henry says this program addresses the issues of hazardous objects in the road when tractors mow the grass as well as abatement in neighborhoods affecting property values.

“It does have big play on property value just like blighted properties do, or nuisance properties. Trash on side of the road is not pleasing to the eye or to anyone wanting to invest in Acadia Parish and so we think that that’s one of the biggest assists of this is that a clean parish is a good thing for the investors,” says Henry.

The Acadia Parish Sheriff Office’s Facebook page has reported the programs crew members recently removed 243 bags of trash, 101 tires along with other objects like furniture, lumber, vehicle parts, and other types of litter. Henry says with this program, he hopes it sheds light on the littering issue in Acadia parish.

With the new program in full swing, there is hope for cleaner roads and neighborhoods.

The Police Jury president also encourages everyone to keep in mind recycling is an option to help reduce trash and litter. He says you can bring recyclable items to their recycle center at 1552 W. Second St. in Crowley.