CROWLEY, La (KLFY)– An Acadia Parish judge determined Monday that a candidate for Police Chief of Crowley met the residency requirements to run for office despite claims otherwise.

Police Chief Jimmy Broussard argued that his opponent Troy Hebert is not qualified to run for office because he has not lived in the city limits of Crowley for at least one year.

“He claimed a residence within the city, allegedly a year prior as is dictated,” Broussard said.

According to Louisiana Secretary of State’s candidate qualifications, all candidates must be domiciled for at least the immediately preceding year in a city or town.

Broussard claimed Hebert does not live at the residence he used to qualify for office,

“It was nothing against his qualifications, his experience or anything like that. It was just questioning and appealing that he claimed one residence.

Multiple witnesses testified on behalf of Hebert at Monday’s hearing.

Following the decision, News Ten reached out to Hebert for an interview but he declined, instead saying he has nothing bad to say about the chief.

“There are no hard feelings because everyone has a right to an opinion in court.”