RAYNE, La. (KLFY) – Residents of Rayne are upset with punishment given to the man who left human remains on the steps of a church.

Commissioner Andre Doguet of the 15th Judicial District Court has set a bond of $20,000 for Russell James Richard, 44 of Rayne, for two counts of illegal possession of human remains. The amount is something many residents say is not enough.

On the morning of May 18th, human remains were discovered on the steps of St. Joseph Church in Rayne. A note with odd symbols and other items taken from a grave site was placed next to it in what investigators say in a peculiar position. Days later, another bone was found on the church property. Police then identified and charged Richard with his bond set at $20,000.

Rayne resident Byron Domingue says he and other Rayne residents are not satisfied with the amount. “It needs to be taken under consideration all actions and everything that he did,” says Domingue. He goes on to say how he and others see this charge as a slap on the wrist and allows him and other people to do more things like this.

“You know this guy is able to get out and do the same thing,” Domingue said.

According to police, Richard says his motive for putting the remains on the steps at the church was to have them blessed and re-buried. This is something, Domingue and others are not buying.

“The citizens of Rayne are upset. We are not buying that, and this commissioner needs to hold this man accountable for his actions. 20 thousand dollars is not enough,” Domingue said.

We have made our attempts to reach out to the Police Commissioner regarding the bond amount but have not heard back yet. News 10 will look to follow up with his response soon.