ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — There has been a rise in school threats across the country, and South Louisiana is no exception. In Acadia Parish local law enforcement shared how they ensure all safety measures are taken and the consequences for those actions.

Just yesterday, Acadia Parish Sheriff Deputies were present at Crowley High School to ensure safety measures were taken after receiving a tip about a possible threat. Sheriff Gibson said this is not a matter that is taken lightly.

“We did respond with deputies Monday morning as school was coming in just as a safety measure to make sure that we’re present.”

Sheriff Gibson said his main concern is that students understand there are consequences when threats are made.

He said that once law enforcement is made aware of a threat, an investigation takes place to determine if it is a criminal act.

“Our job is to get out and investigate and find out what was said, what happened, what occurred to determine one of several aspects, one of which do we have a criminal act that occurred?”

If the threat is considered a criminal act, Sheriff Gibson said consequences could be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the type of threat made.

He said his department sometimes works with the District Attorney’s office to move forward in filing charges.

Sheriff Gibson said students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers of Acadia Parish to anonymously report any and all threats, and illegal activity. You can call 337-789-TIPS or 337-789-8477