EUNICE, La. (KLFY) — With the recent uptick in gun related activity in the city of Eunice, Police Chief Randy Fontenot says “these groups are at war, it’s a war out there.”

Just in the past two weeks Fontenot says there have been multiple shootings and he says most are connected.

“It’s all the same players involved,” he said.

Fontenot acknowledges that it’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t seem to end.

“One day the suspects in one shooting become the victims in another.”

The chief says the lack of witness cooperation plays a huge role in the shootings going unsolved, causing a ripple effect to play out.

“In every shooting we’ve been able to connect the dots. The problem is determining who is the shooter. We are having a hard time with witnesses and putting people at the scene,” Fontenot adds.

And he says a big factor in some of the shootings is stolen guns.

“We have reports of guns stolen out of unlocked vehicles.”

Fontenot is urging, pleading for witnesses to come forward.

He says the more information law enforcement receives the easier and faster the suspect is identified.

“Get as much detail as you can. Get vehicle description, clothing, license plates.”