CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — The south fire station in Crowley has been empty according to people in the area. However, News 10 reached out to city officials about the fire station’s occupancy, and they say it is open. It was just temporarily shut down.

There had been concerns about the fire station’s operation in south Crowley and after reaching out to city officials, city councilman Vernon “Step” Martin said that the station was temporarily shut down due to some of the fire trucks being out of commission.

“We have a couple of trucks down. In fact, the city ordered a few new trucks, but the newer trucks that we have cannot fit in the bins where they back the trucks up,” Martin said.

Mayor Chad Monceaux told News 10 that he understands the concerns about the station, but assures although trucks are down, response times have not been affected. He also said that firefighters are still responding from other stations until the trucks are able to be housed at the south station.

“The same number of fire trucks, the same number of fire fighters, essentially the same average response time throughout the city was maintained throughout that short period of time that the truck was broken in that south station,” Monceaux said.

Martin said that fire ratings will not be affected and the station does have a person on duty. He said that they want to make sure South Crowley knows the south station will continue to operate as it has prior to the temporary closure.

“Our fire ratings will remain the same. I’ve been assured of that. and really the fire ratings go by response time. We just want to let everyone know that yes it is open and will continue to be open.”