CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — There has been an increase in teens driving golf carts and other four-wheeled vehicles on the streets of Crowley.

Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says his office will begin cracking down on underaged, non licensed golf cart drivers.

“We are having an issue with it. Of course the ordinance was passed in the city a few years ago that allowed golf carts and other four wheeled vehicles, and like side by sides on the city streets” Broussard said.

Teens have been cruising without a licensed driver and just recently one drivers says she almost backed into a golf cart as it sped past her.

“We are seeing a lot of younger people, teenagers and children, we just had an incident recently where two children were riding a golf cart and when I say children I think the ages were between nine and eleven.” Broussard said.

Under the Crowley ordiance to drive a golf cart the driver must have a valid driver’s license.

Chief Broussard says parents may not be aware of that.

“Our ordinance states that you must have a valid driver’s license issued by the state department of motor vehicles.”

When asked how does he plan to crack down on the golf cart issue, he says he will begin ticketing the kids and their parents.

Broussard said parents can be cited for not properly watching your children.

“You know and I know it’s summertime and kids are out. We want them to have fun, absolutely but we don’t want to see a tragedy of a young person that could have been avoided because of one of these issues.

If issued a citation by police, the cost of the fine will be at least $25.