CROWLEY, La (KLFY)— Finding a shelter to serve the homeless in Crowley is becoming a problem for those who live and work close to the site where one has been proposed.

While residents agree there is a homelessness problem in the city, they would like to see a shelter opened but one away from their homes.

Corwin Morgan, pastor of Love of Christ Baptist Church, says he made an offer for a better location but received pushback.

“We still have an issue with the homeless, we still an issue with people on the streets, we still have an issue with drugs, we still have an issue with just everything. So you know at some point you going to have to have a homeless shelter somewhere, but everybody says not in my neighborhood.”

Morgan says he has been told that the plug has been pulled, and the shelter will not placed at the site of the former Christian Villa nursing home.

Protest leader Christopher George Sr. says there are many other locations available in the area.

“There are locations available for them, just not in our community. We really want to do all we can. We want to work with them. Let’s come to a solution and resolution to see what’s the best outcome not only for our community, but the city of Crowley.”

He says he hopes a quick resolves comes.