ACADIA PARISH, LA (KLFY) It’s been three days since a tornado hit parts of Acadia Parish, devastating homes across the area and leaving families on the search for a place to stay.

Richard Miller says he and his family were in their home when the tornado struck.

Miller said he felt the entire house vibrate before it then collapsed off its foundation.

“It’s something that we never ever experienced. I would not recommend it for nobody to experience it.”

The home is no longer liveable and now Miller has to now look for help from his family.

“We moved next door to our daughter’s house because we are blessed that she was actually not touched by it, so we are fortunate to have a place to go.”

Gary Davis says his entire front patio was blown off and his camper was flipped on its side and pushed into the mobile home where he and his family live in.

“That was a surreal experience. It was quite an experience. I do not recommend it.”

Davis says he is now waiting for his insurance company to begin the appraisal process.

“We are just a little shaken up by it. We had thunder last night, and we all got on the edge of our seats.