CROWLEY, La. (KLFY)– In Crowley, the mayoral and chief of police elections will be runoffs, but the council election for Ward 3 Division A has been decided by a recount.

With a one-vote difference, the request for a recount proved the election night results were counted correctly.

Christopher George Sr. challenged Council Member Vernon “Step” Martin in the 2022 council elections. The votes on election night named Martin as the winner by one vote.

George said initially he was in disbelief with the results, but was encouraged to seek a recount. He said even if the recount proves his challenger won, he will not stop fighting to make Crowley a better place.

“Even though it didn’t go my way, which I hoped it did, I still consider myself a leader in my community and continue to move forward and continue to speak change and unity,” George said.

Martin said he has no issues with the recount as he just wants people to know no matter what the outcome is, he is grateful to have served for as long as he has.

“If there is a miscount, it needs to be corrected,” Martin said. “Whether it’s for me or against me, every vote counts and I respect everybody’s vote. Whether I win, lose or draw the election, I want every vote to count.”

News 10 reached out to the Clerk of Courts office for a statement on the recount process, but they were unavailable.

George said when he got the results of the recount and it shows Martin still won by one vote, he said it will not stop him from being active in his community.

He said with him being part of the coalition Family First Fridays, it will only push him to continue helping the community.