CROWLEY, La. (KLFY)– Looking at a $10,000 pay increase, Crowley Police Department is on track to being one of the most compensated police departments in the state. Police Chief Troy Hebert said this pay raise is long overdue.

“We definitely knew there was a need to compete with other agencies because we were losing so many to surrounding departments in the whole Acadiana area,” Hebert said.

Hebert said his department is still experiencing a shortage of officers, but since Crowley’s city council approved of the pay raise, he’s seen an increase in applicants.

“Whereas before, we weren’t getting any like that so we’re definitely starting to see it and moving forward, it’s only going to get better,” Hebert said.

He said his department’s current starting salary of $32,000 made it difficult to retain officers, but with a $10,000 increase in pay, this would make Crowley’s Police Department one of the highest paid police agencies in the state.

“Our starting pay is going up to $36,000 a year and after three months it’s goes up to $42,000 a year. So, with in that first year that officer will be making right at $42,000,” Hebert said.

In addition to the pay increase, officers would get a check of $1,2000 a year from the parish, and a state supplemental check of $600 a month if Governor Edwards signs off on the already approved monthly amount.

He said his officers are really excited about the raise and you can see it in them. He also said with increase in applicants, he hopes it will allow his department to operate at full capacity.

“As soon as we fill up, we’ll be at full force to be able to enforce all the laws we unfortunately hadn’t been doing,” Hebert said.

He said before the pay increase is official, signing it into ordinance will be discussed at the cities next council meeting.