CROWLEY,La. (KLFY)– Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says there’s a big issue with the young people and getting rid of guns following last week’s shooting at the Shady Oaks apartment complex.

“You have a group that are trying to make a name for themselves trying to form a quote on quote gang, and we see it, and that’s the biggest thing that we are trying to battle against,” said Chief Jimmy Broussard of Crowley Police Department. “The old gangbangers, as we would call them, have grown, and they age, and they mature, and many of them are not a part of that life anymore, but your young people that are coming up are getting into it.”

Several apartment complex homes were hit with gunfire in the 500 block of E. Andrus St. Chief Broussard said they recovered several cases on the ground of different calibers.

“It’s very odd because it’s a quiet apartment complex. We never really have anything unless it’s maybe kids fighting,” he said.

He said gun control is a big issue the department is facing. He reminds the public that people under the age of 18 should not be able to possess a handgun or weapon. If found, it will be confiscated.

“We have seen a decline in gun violence; the possession thereof could be questionable,” said the chief. “We’re trying our best to get them off the streets, the guns.”

Although the police department is struggling with officer shortage, the chief said they would be patrolling more and making field identification.

“Particularly late-night hours, we’re asking officers to make extra patrols to field identify whoever they come about just to try to help make our area as safe as possible,” said Chief Broussard.

He believes there need to be more things for the young people in the community.

“Crowley is, of course, economically depressed, and we rely on sales taxes as our only income for the city. So that’s very difficult,” he said. “We need more things for the young people.”

Some suggestions are a skating rink or a bowling alley. Chief Broussard explains how he and others in the community are working on getting a Boys and Girls Club.

“If we have something for them to do, it would keep them off the streets. It would keep these things from happening,” said Chief Broussard.

In addition to the summertime and with the heat and the humility, the chief said tempers flare and tempers rise during this time, and things that used to be handled differently in the past are held in a completely different way today. Therefore a tip is to take a moment, count to 10 and try to calm yourself.

“If we take just a couple of moments to take a thought process, then we can avoid a lot of these situations,” the chief said.

The police department has several leads and will be making arrests soon. If anyone has information regarding this incident, call (337) 783-1234 or CrimeStoppers of Acadia Parish at (337) 789-TIPS.