CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — A family has had enough of the gun violence plaguing their community after their home has been the target of gun violence within the last three months. 

“This is the second episode within 90 days that happened. They pulled this stunt back on April 11th when my brother-in-law and my son got shot. Now they’re pulling it again, and why are they doing it? Because the cops are not arresting nobody,” said Shavon Guidry. 

Guidry said she was not home, but her husband and 19-year-old daughter were when the gunfire erupted early Friday morning. 

“He heard gunshots when he lay down and how he knew they were hitting the house because he heard a window break and he heard the bullets hitting the house, so that’s when he got out the bed and jumped to the floor and hollered and asked my daughter if she was okay and they called me, and I came,” she said. 

The family said four rooms have evidence of bullet holes, including the master bedroom, kitchen, and two bathrooms. The husband said he heard around 50 to 60 gunshots. 

“That really didn’t make any sense what they did last night by shooting up my bedroom. Thank God I wasn’t in it because if I would have been in it, then I wouldn’t be sitting here telling you this story of what happened. So I just ask to let bygones be bygones, especially me and my wife. We don’t have anything to do with it,” said Robie Guidry. 

Police Chief Troy Hebert tells News 10 officers responded to the area of W. 10th St in reference to a report of gunshots in the area and located several shell casings near a residence. He said the Guidry’s home was a target of gunfire twice within the last three months, where two subjects were injured by gunfire in early April of this year.  He said they do believe that both incidents are gang-related. 

Shavon tells News 10 the shooting at their house is about retaliation. Her husband adds, “Something that we have no dealing with. We, as innocent bystanders, have nothing to do with whatever took place in Kathy. We have no dealings, so we shouldn’t be the ones that are being targeted.” 

The family expressed frustration that law enforcement has not arrested anyone responsible for the shootings happening in the community. The wife said June of last year to July of present-day, she has put in 100 complaints to the police department. 

“I mean, come on. I know ya’ll say ya’ll need hard-core evidence for charges to stick, but ya’ll know what this is all about. This is all about some retaliation, so something needs to be done because then what happens when we retaliate?” 

The husband said, “It’s like they’re just waiting on the west side of Crowley for this to continue going on and on. They’re not more concerned about us Black folks on this end. I’m not trying to sound racist or anything, but it’s time for something to be done about this because ain’t nothing was done when my twin brother got shot, and he ended up losing a whole leg behind foolishness that had nothing to do with him.” 

This is still an ongoing investigation by the Crowley Police Department. If you have any information pertaining to this case, to please contact the Crowley Police Department by calling (337) 788-4114 or by contacting Acadia Parish Crime Stopper at (337) 789-8477. All callers will remain anonymous.