CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — Crowley Police have arrested three people for theft by fraud after an extended investigation into a local business. The business owner, his wife, and an employee all face charges.

Addison Doucet, age 32, of Crowley along with his wife, Jessica, and a worker Quinton Hanks are all being charged with theft by fraud of over $30,000.00, damage to property with intent to defraud, and criminal conspiracy.

The investigation began on Oct. 29. Detectives discovered that eight victims were affected in this case. They each gave similar statements to police, though varied, according to Chief Broussard, most statements had the same aspect: Doucet would take a customer’s vehicle, take payment for work to be done, and not do the work, allowing some vehicles to remain for long periods of time with no work done.

In addition, Doucet allegedly removed electrical and mechanical parts on the vehicles and never replace them or return them to the vehicle.

According to Chief Broussard, in one instance, a woman was buying an SUV from Doucet, and he told her that the type of SUV she was buying “do not come with catalytic converters” but that he could install one for an additional $280.

Doucet also did not sign the title over to the buyer, who paid $3,000 for the SUV. The title is still with Doucet to this day, according to Chief Broussard.

There are various other accounts of Doucet being paid to do work that he did not do, or of him allegedly stealing parts from customers’ vehicles.

Doucet’s wife Jessica also allegedly contacted customers for additional payments.

Broussard said that Jessica contacted one owner of a vehicle for additional payments and assured her that “she had nothing to worry about with things she may have heard about the shop, and that her vehicle would be ready at the end of this week.” This was on November 6, 2021, and the vehicle remains there today.

Quinton Hanks was a full-time employee of the business and has been involved in the acts named above.

A separate source reported to Crowley Police that he has purchased Catalytic Converters on numerous occasions from both Doucet and Hanks.

In all, 8 victims were identified as victims of this first round of charges. Crowley Police are certain there are other victims out there. If anyone has been a victim of this business, please contact Detective Chasity Coats at 783-1234.

All three were arrested on the charges named above, and each received a $150,000 bond from District Judge Kristian Earles. The subjects were transported to the Acadia Parish Jail.