CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — Two young kids from Crowley are getting their hands dirty in a summer business most people wouldn’t want to get near. Kyle and Kylie Citizen turned the chore of cleaning the trash can into a business for their community: Trash Kare by Kyle & Kylie.

“My momma said y’all should start cleaning trash cans. I was like no at first, but then after I was like ok,” said 8-year-old Kyle.

This is their first week in business, and Kyle and his 7-year-old sister, Kylie, already have 12 clients on their roster. The two are happy to help their clients.

“You need to stop sitting around. Help people. I think sitting around is not important. I love helping that’s kind of my future — helping,” said Kylie.

The community is excited to see children willing to work. News 10 spoke with their first clients of the day, a local auto shop in Crowley.

“We saw it on Facebook. Any kids that is willing to work means they are being taught right,” said Candice Lunson.