CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — Crowley city council candidate Christopher George Sr. is facing felony charges of cruelty to juveniles.

In September, he appeared in court following a summons.

Today, his legal team released a statement about those charges.

“Currently, Mr. George enjoys sole custody of his two minor children, and these false allegations stem from a continued custody battle.”  

A complaint filed in May did not result in his arrest.

He says shortly after announcing his run for office, he was notified of the pending charges and retained legal counsel. 

George maintains his innocence and says he plans to have his day in court once he is elected.

“Upon advice from counsel, I will refrain from making any additional statements concerning this sordid affair; however, I will certainly answer any questions pertaining to moving Crowley forward.”

George is seeking the city council ward 3 division A seat against Vernon Dale “Step” Martin.

We reached out to Martin who said he heard about the allegations but otherwise does not know much more.

“I heard about it a while back, but I’m not one to spread rumors or what have you. And I told the person that told me that I don’t know anything about that, and I don’t go down for anybody.”

George concludes that he will continue his campaign speaking with voters.

“I just role with the punches. You know sometimes you will get knocked down, but it is how you get up and I have been getting up every time they try to knock me down. And I just been staying consistent with my preaching on unity, peace, love, and we need change in our ward.”