Church Point, La. (KLFY) — A Church point family is in recovery mode after the powerful winds of Tuesday night.

Miles Carriere is a homeowner who said things were going good when suddenly everything just turned white.

“We were about a half mile down the road, and it was just raining really good, not too bad to where we couldn’t drive, and all of a sudden everything turned white. It came out of nowhere so we just had to stop in the middle of the road and wait it out.”

As he was waiting, Carriere said he got a call from family members at his home to tell him about the power of the winds.

He arrived home shortly afterwards to help as winds continued to tear through both his house and his father-in-law’s house next door.

“What we are guessing is limbs blew through the living room windows so there’s pretty much glass everywhere. It destroyed some TV’s and soaked some furniture, pretty much the whole roof above our bedroom and bathroom is completely gone. It destroyed piping and such underneath the house and took my little boys trampoline.”

Debris from Carriere’s house and the neighbor’s house can still be seen scattered across their property, including the neighbor’s deck being ripped from the ground, as well as much of the damaged pieces landing in trees and fences.

Though his house is damaged, Carriere remains grateful as his family was quick to respond and willing to drive through the rain to help.

“Everything started around 6 and it was over by 6:30 or 6:45, and in a matter of 20 minutes I had about 10 or 15 people call me and come give us a hand while it was still raining to come get this tarp on the roof. Without those people, without my friends and family showing up we would have been in a real big bind.”