ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) With the tax renewal, roads like this one can be repaired. Money will be set aside to fix roads and bridges.

“Mainly just to take care of our gravel roads, the existing blacktop roads, clean ditches out; making sure that there’s proper drainage. That is pretty much what the tax generated for,” said A.J. Credeur, Police Jury Member District 6, Road and Bridge Committee Chairmen.

The tax generates roughly about 1.3 million dollars a year.

There are some complaints about the maintenance on the roads being incomplete.

“It’s in spots, it’s not one solid road. If you’re going to fix one, fix it, because you turn and you try to go to another one and you get further down that way and there you hit another one,” said Becky Baker.

“They take some good roads just to make some money. They choose to break it up just so they can work on it, people can get their cars messed up,” said Sasha Baker.

Right now there are no new projects planned for Acadia Parish.   The money will be used to try to maintain the current roads and bridges.