ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — The idea of a 4-day school week is being discussed in Acadia Parish.

Superintendent Scott Richard said the shortened week would mean that the days would be extended a longer so that students and teachers would spend the same amount of time in class.

“That item has come up as well. We would basically be compressing a normal school day and workday into four days,” Richard said.

He said a four-day work week could increase teacher and employee retention and close learning gaps for students.

There have been mixed views on implementing a shorter week as to whether it is good for the students or not.

One parent, who is not in complete favor of the four-day week, said her concern is the length of the classes and if students will get breaks.

“I could see that being a problem because I have a child who has ADHD and her attention span it just is not, it wouldn’t work. I don’t see it working length wise unless they get more frequent breaks.”

Another parent whose child attends a school that has a hybrid model says she loves that her daughter gets that extra day.

“I find that it’s less stress on my kid. She handles the four day week very well and it gives them that extra day if they need more on one.”