ACADIA PARISH, La (KLFY) A parent in Acadia Parish says she is worried about the safety of children who are walking to and from school.

Tabatha McDowell says her son went missing, last year, for a short period of time.

He was found ten minutes later still on campus, she said.

“Thank God he was still on school grounds and had just walked out of one classroom and into another teachers class.”

McDowell says she is concerned about the supervision of children when walking home and says she has taken her concerns to the Acadia Parish School Board where those in charge promised an investigation into the matter and changes to their policy.

She says it’s a scary feeling not knowing where your child is and says some changes should be made.

“Making sure things change, having more teachers available during dismissal, if you have a group pf kids that you are allowing to walk home, then before that gate opens and a child is dismissed, you have a visual on all these kids.”

School Superintendent Scott Richard says he was made aware of the matter when McDowell first made a report.

“It’s pretty standard the students who walk home from school usually live in close proximity to the school and there is usually adult supervision in that process.”

He says the number one concern for all school officials and staff is the safety of their students and says this is achieved with staggering times to allow proper supervision.

“The goal is to ensure a safe start and finish from arrival to dismissal and until the student gets home.”