CROWLEY, La. (KLFY)– The Acadia Pariah Jail is close to completing repairs two weeks after being struck by lightning. The jail lost power in more than half of its facility causing two-thirds of their inmates to be transferred to other facilities.

Sheriff K.P. Gibson told KLFY News 10 that it looks like they will be running at full capacity sooner than anticipated.

Sheriff Gibson said the jail has been operating at one-third capacity while repairs are being made, and although there haven’t been as many inmates to look after, the staff is still operating as usual.

“We keep our staff running. There’s enough coming in when somebody gets processed but there’s still the same jobs we have to do. We still have to do intake and book for prisoners that are coming in. When we get to a certain amount we have to ship them out,” Sheriff Gibson said.

Sheriff Gibson says while making the repairs, testing has been going on to make sure everything is running smoothly for the inmates return. He said it is usually not a lengthy process to get them transferred back when everything is done.

“Once that’s completed we will notify the facilities. It’s usually a 24 to 48-hour turnaround,” he told News 10.

Until the facility is at one hundred percent, Sheriff Gibson said they’re going to remain in the same aspect with the inmates shipped instead of bringing a small portion back. He also said that he wants to make sure it’s safe and secure for employees and anyone who is in the facility.

“We are expecting and hoping that possibly within the next few days to maybe a week that we should be back up to full strength.”

Sheriff Gibson said that he really wants to get back to running at one hundred percent because it costs to transfer inmates to other facilities.