(KLFY) — Three parishes in Acadiana have opted out of the statewide burn ban imposed by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal.

Acadia, Evangaline and St. Mary parishes are among the 20 in the state that have chosen not to adhere to the ban, which prohibits the use of open flames in fire pits, campfires, barrels, bonfires, burn piles and the like.

The parishes that are still adhering to the burn ban can be found at the State Fire Marshal’s interactive map found here.

The Acadia Parish Police Jury rescinded the ban effective at 5 p.m. Monday in a news release on social media.

“While this does allow for open burning to resume, here are a few reminders that pertain to open burning at all times,” the release read. “You are not allowed to burn any plastics, rubber, household trash, or other items that are not organic in nature. Only items such as tree branches, yard debris, or other type items. Any illegal burning will be extinguished and investigated as necessary. We are still relatively dry and have days with low humidity and strong winds. If conducting open burning, be aware of your surroundings and have a water source available should any fire begin to spread.”

Authorities urge residents to report any fire that gets out of control immediately and that residents are responsible for any fire they start and any damage it may cause to others’ property should it get out of control.

The police jury noted that this burn ban can be reinstated at any time. Acadia Parish said it can opt in and out depending on call volume and complaints from departments.

St. Mary Parish also opted out Monday, allowing private burning only by permission of the local fire department, and Evangeline Parish lifted its burn ban on Oct. 18.

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