ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY)- Authorities are investigating the murder of a 22-year-old Abbeville woman
The victim is identified as Kyla Mouton.

Kyla Mouton’s family said they will always remember her smile and laughter.​ 
“I’m planning a funeral, and it’s not something that I wanted to be doing right now,” Shawntele Levine, Kyla’s mother, said,

​​In tears, Levine remembers her daughter who tragically passed away in the hospital Monday morning.​
Her family says Kyla was attacked by other women and they want justice.​​

“I want it to be known what happened to my child,” added Levine. “She lost her life, and I want everybody to know why and I want the people who did it to pay for it.”​​Kyla leaves behind a loving family including two older brothers and two children of her own.​

Kyla’s father, James Levine, said Kyla was his best friends.

“They just sort of worried about a fight and this and that. Now, y’all took something that can be replaced,” Levine said. “You took my daughter. You took my baby from me. You took my babies from her babies and y’all stole something from my grandbabies. They won’t never know their momma.”

Kyla’s uncle, Lawrence Levy III said those present during the violent incident need to be help accountable.

“If you were there, you killed her, too. If you were there, and you didn’t stop it, she didn’t die by the hand of just one,” he said. “She died by the hand of a community of onlookers.”

Abbeville police at calling her death as a homicide. The investigation is ongoing, APD Lt. Johnathan Touchet said.