LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) A student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has some concerns about online courses.

“So they kind of gave us two days off to kind of like make a transition, while other universities are given a week off.”

Kenton Jackson is studying psychology at the UL Lafayette, and is concerned about his future because of remote online courses.

He says the jump from in-class to online courses was a bit hectic and the course load is heavier than he expected.​

“The switch to online delivery, a lot of my courses are picking up with quizzes everyday, so you have to remember deadlines, you have to remember, oh i have to watch this lecture. you just always have to keep that in mind.”​

Jackson says that if students were granted more time to relocate and then start online classes, the transition would have been much smoother.

“They were kind of on a whole wait to react type of deal. They were not really that proactive as it pertains to like making the move to online courses.”

Eric Maror, a senior communications representative, said, “UL Lafayette faculty and staff worked diligently in an extraordinarily short period to adapt their courses for remote delivery of instruction. Their efforts were vital to protecting the university’s academic mission and ensuring our students’ ability to continue to learn despite the unprecedented nature of the moment.”

He continued, “the university is extremely proud of their efforts, and we are equally gratified by our students’ willingness to embrace these necessary instructional changes.”

Meanwhile Jackson said that he cannot wait for everything to get back to normal.

In Lafayette, Mariah Hester, KLFY News 10