A ‘Nightmare on Rena Drive’ is a home that’s turning heads for Halloween

Nightmare on Rena Drive

Halloween is the perfect time to be creative- and creepy! This includes customs, candy and of course, haunted houses.

A ‘Nightmare on Rena Drive’ is a tradition some Lafayette residents began doing as a way to begin bringing the community together again. 

“Kids love it. We love it. adults love it,” said Paul Webb, Owner of Webb Specialties. 

Paul Webb and his wife, Cecilia, began decided to begin decorating their home for Halloween seven years ago. “We noticed that a lot of kids stopped coming down the street so we said let’s do something to keep them coming,” she said. 

They said Rena Drive was almost like a ghost town where not too many people would visit for the holiday. They turned their home into a spooky attraction, not knowing how large it would grow. 

“The first year it was like a couple of friends and then the next year a couple more,” she said. Soon, the entire community couldn’t wait to see the creepy pieces roll out. So.. they didn’t wait. 

“We can do a countdown,” Webb’s idea. “I can get some baskets and put some mannequins in it and get ready,” he added. 

He began collecting parts and ideas 95 days prior to Halloween this year. ” I would bring a box, two, every night. Unload it, start building.  If I come up with an idea, Like I saw that TV on the side of the road. Had an old toilet in the house, I was like let me save that too,” said Webb. 

The unique pieces continue to draw people in. It led to their Facebook page, where photos are shared about the experience. 

Their Facebook page features all of the different pieces on their lawn and pictures of people stopping by to see it all. 

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