A New Orleans grandfather invents The Mardi Gras Step


Calvin Ohlsson a New Orleans grandfather and inventor, has stood on many ladders at Mardi Gras parades. First with his own children, now with his granddaughter Margot.

He said it’s great for the kids to sit up high – they can see the floats — and catch the best throws, but — *for him* being on the back of a ladder was never very comfortable. 

Calvin Ohlsson said, ” I have calf problems and standing on a ladder for more than an hour or two, you’re legs start aching, you’re back starts hurting.”

Ohlsson got to work in his old Jefferson garage.

He came up with a mini platform he can stand on — that attaches to the step of a ladder. 

Ohllson said, “You’re stable. you’re not off balance. During mardi gras season people are throwing you stuff and if you go to reach, you have a wider platform that you’re standing on, so you’re much more secure.”

Family members encouraged Ohlson to mass produce the Mardi Gras Step. 

You can contact Calvin here.

Calvin Ohlsson says he is working on his next Mardi Gras invention. It is a windshield of sorts that fits on top of a ladder to keep children from getting hit in the face with beads.

Across town, less than 40 different artist are working on floats at Mardi Gras World. 

Including mother and daughter Tina and Ali McCrosky. 
The duo has been painting and sculpting props together for the last 8 years.  Tina has been painting the props for 23 years. Ali says she practically grew up there. 

Tina McCrosky said, “She’s much better than I could’ve dreamed of possibly being when I used to make props a long time ago. It’s true. It’s true.”

Information from Paul Murphy, WWL, and Meghan Kee, WWL.

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