CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) – An elderly couple was recently contacted by an alleged code agent from amazon claiming they were hacked, according to Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard.

“The hacker was able to hack into their bank account, take the 60 thousand out of their savings and put it into their checking. They were not aware of it until the second time, and they contacted their bank,” said Chief Broussard.

The hacker claimed to send the wrong amount of money, causing the couple to send money to the agent through the mail.

According to Chief Broussard, the hacker said, “If Amazon finds us out, they’re going to fire me and my whole team. I need you to send the money back if you possibly can.”

After doing so, the couple received a fake arrest warrant from Louisiana State Police via email that appeared legitimate, which said they were accused of money laundering.

“Hackers are getting a lot better. First thing to remember is that state police are not going to send a warrant over email,” says Broussard.

“It’s bad enough that they’re taking funds from people who work all of their life to earn this and to save this, but you’re sinking to a new low when you’re going to involve law enforcement in your actions,” said Broussard.

Chris Babin with the Better Business Bureau offers this tip when dealing with scammers.

“Find a number that you know to be an actual number, call their customer service, have them look up your account, and see if there is something they need from you potentially,” said Babin.

During the holidays, take caution and never send money through the mail.

“There are grinches all over wanting to steal the Christmas spirit, so we just have to make sure we don’t let them in any shape or form,” said Chief Broussard.