VIDRINE, La. (KLFY) — Like most nine-year-old boys, Marion Hall wishes for a phone or money or even a PS5 for Christmas but what he really wants, is something not even Santa can bring.

Marion’s mom, Kacy Belton, says, “The thing he wants the most is his dad come for Christmas.”

Captain Murphy Hall is a Company Commander in the National Guard. He was deployed to Kuwait in February and is not scheduled to return until January.

“It’s been challenging some days. He missed his father so much,” Belton adds.

But what Marion doesn’t know is the ten-month deployment is over and his wish is about to come true. Cpt. Murphy continues, “I hope he is excited. He should be.”

So now that Marion got his Christmas wish, what more could he have asked for?

Marion says, “I want to open my presents with him. When I get a PS5, I will give it to him.”