A Grand Isle shrimper is upset over vendors who he says are using his “Cajun culture” to sell their foreign-harvested seafood.

Dean Blanchard is a well known shrimper from Grand Isle.  He paid a visit to the State Capitol on Wednesday.  He wants the House to HB 335. It would mandate that restaurants display signage disclosing whether their crawfish or shrimp came from a country outside the United States. 

“What we have here is the restaurants are really committing fraud on their customers,” Blanchard said in the Health and Welfare Committee meeting.  “Look on the wall, there’s pictures of shrimp boats, pictures of our Cajun culture. I’m required to label everything I put out. The store is required to label everything they sell you. Why isn’t the restaurant required to label it?” Blanchard said. “They got a lot of lobbyists and a lot of money I guess… I thought about going up there and giving all you each a hundred dollars. I don’t know how this works!”

Blanchard’s speech won over the lawmakers. The bill won unanimous approval in the committee and will now move on to the Louisiana House of Representatives for another vote.