New study highlights bad road conditions in Lafayette


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Faulty roads and heavy rain are a bad combination.

In some cases, the duo can be deadly.

A recent road conditions report, spotlights roads in Lafayette, Baton Rouge and Louisiana state-wide.

The national research non-profit group based in Washington “TRIP” found that the average driver in Lafayette loses $2,027 annually because of poor road conditions.

“Deaths continue to go up. The deaths didn’t dramatically, as directedly related to the roadways and conditions, go up as much this year but again that was all due to COVID,” Erich Ponti, President for Louisiana Coalition to Fix Our Roads stated.

In recent days, extreme weather has created more of a challenge for motorists trying to drive on broken, decayed and pothole riddled roads.”In the Lafayette area 39% of major roads are rated in poor conditions and 23% are rated in mediocre condition,” Rocky Moretti, TRIP Director of Policy & Research stated.

TRIP wants Louisiana lawmakers to get serious about funding and resources to make sure infrastructure remains viable.

“Folks who are in really bad shape try and spread their funds around as best they can with either a simple overlay or patching potholes. that’s not really the best long-term approach,” Moretti said.

The Louisiana coalition to fix our roads agrees that lack of funds can lead to the deterioration of infrastructure.”If you go to 2017 number and you take today’s number, $900 million increase in four years cost to drivers.  Like Adam said we’re paying it already.  It’s just how do we want to pay it,” Ponti explained.

Also, TRIP says the reality of storm damage is another reason to make sure transportation agencies have the resources needed to protect roads that can withstand significant weather events.

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