90 Plus: Mildred Green


At 91 years old, a Lafayette woman says she wouldn’t have lived her life any other way.

 “Do something you like to do and don’t change your mind.”
For Mildred Green, letting go means not worrrying about what could be, but rather what life is. 

“If it’s not good today, tomorrow, it’s going to be better,” she said. 

Mildred said she’s lived in Lafayette her entire life and never wanted to live anywhere else. She simply likes Lafayette. 
She is from a large family- 11 children in all. She said the house was small but the love was big. 

“Our momma taught us to love each other regardless of what you have,” Green said. She is the mother of three children, which includes a set of twins. 
Her son, who once has the house to himself, instantly became a big brother twice over. 

“I only had things for one baby when I realized there were two a boy and a girl,” she said. 

In her early years, she said she worked as a waitress, did some cooking and even ran a daycare. 
“I did all of this, I enjoyed doing everything that I did.”

These days, Mildred enjoys spending time with her family. She said she takes pride in watching each family member grow in the experiences of life. 

“Some of them live in California. I went there when my great-great grandchild graduated from college,” she said. “I went to spend a week and it was beautiful.”

The advice advice she shared for other is the same advice she gave her children when they were growing up.

 “I always wanted them to be honest and don’t make different with people because we all have to live together.”

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