90 Plus: “I’m blessed. Complain for what?”


Novella Chassion Dugas is exactly where she wants to be. 

The life she shares with her husband is the life they created for themselves and their children.

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

For her and her husband, living to be 90 is even more reason to relax and savor life.

“We have a pokeno club every other week. I go to the rosary every week; Tuesday and Thursday that’s twice a week.  I go to church every week,” she says.

And not just that, she goes to aerobics every week.

Dugas says she and her husband are retired school system employees.

They put in their time working hard and then some.

“He would work and I would work at the school cafeteria working; cafeteria cooking for young children. He was working as a janitor. Get home cook do what I had to do and then leave again and go clean offices.  We did that for many years,” she recalls.

Dugas says they did what they wanted with their lives and that includes traveling.

“When went somewhere else on a ship.  I don’t know where we went I was carrying my daughter when I was young.  We went all over.” she says.

Dugas says there are no regrets in her household.

She and her husband have four children, three boys and a girl; she says all of them are retired except for their youngest son.

“Get your education that was my whole thing.  Get your education so you can have a good job be independent,”  Dugas says.

She adds that her only daughter took that advice to heart and became a school principal.

“Now she’s the mom and I’m the daughter,” Dugas says.

She says they are at peace — just as life should be.

“I’m 90 years old. I’m not sick.  I ain’t got nothing wrong with me. I’m blessed. Complain for what?” she asks.

Mr. Dugas is 93 years old.

They’ve been married for more than 60 years and have eight grandchildren.

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