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90 Plus: Georgie Richard, “Don’t crave the material things”


George Richard’s life is like an open book.

She was born in Broussard.

“This is my marriage license with father Teurlings. This is my mommy and daddy’s. We were married by the same priest,” she said as she pointed to photos in her home.

Georgie says she first became interested in genealogy back in 1977.

 And she has plenty of material to research, from family photos to stories.

 Richard comes from a family of 12 children; six are step-brothers and step-sisters from her father’s first marriage.

 She describes her childhood as a happy one with moments she can remember as if they were yesterday.

 ” I could remember the whiskey dripping one drop at a time,” she said.

Richard said her father made moonshine from corn. On one occasion, he had to dump corn in a hurry.

 “He dumped the corn in the yard where the pigs were at they got drunk,” she said. “The pigs got drunk off the corn.”

Georgie met her husband six weeks before they got married, she said.

She said he truly loved her, and she has no doubt about that.
“We were married almost 54 years when he died,” she said.

The couple had three children. Only one of them is still living.

Their oldest child passed away in April. The other died about 11 years ago.
“Family to me means everything,” she said.

Richard offered advice she said her godchild shared with her.

 “Don’t crave for material things,” she said. “Material things aren’t going to be there when your gone. Choose to live instead.”

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