90 Plus: Geneva Haymark

Geneva Haymark said she has no qualms about being 96.
In fact, for her it’s not half bad. 
I walk with walker, other than that, I’m fine, she said.
Being okay and happy is what keeps her quick on her feet. 
The mother of two children said her daughter passed away some years ago.
I made everything she wore through her first pregnancy, Haymark said. She was a drum major in high school. I made all her costumes.
Geneva moved from Lake Charles to Lafayette to be closer to her son. She admits being spoiled…just a bit.
He brings me all kinds of things. He keeps me in candy, cookies and ice cream.
She said he also brings her a lot of what she especially loves most, coloring books. 
Gevena loves to color. For her, it can be quite peaceful and relaxing, she said. 
Born into a small family with only two siblings, Geneva said she remembers life differently back then. 
We used to never lock our doors. We used to go out of town for a weekend. My mother would never lock the door. You don’t do that today.
She said she met her husband in school. The couple were high school sweethearts. 
 I fell in love with my husband. We went together two years in high school, she said. He went into the service, the Navy.
When he came home three years later, they got married. 
We lived happily until he passed away 30 years later. I’ve been a widow since I was 50 years old, Geneva said. 
For her, many things have changes, but not family, she said. 
 For Geneva, what gives life is life. 
That’s what life is all about. If you’re not close to your family and take care of each other, it’s not worth living.

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