90 Plus: “Don’t spend too much money cause it’s going to get to you.”


Edwin Broussard was born in the 1920’s when life was simple.

“I would go see my girlfriend in a buggy every Saturday and once a week. we couldn’t go more than once a week. It was too far,” he recalls.

He says the challenges were sometimes great. 

He recalls living through devastating floods.

“We had to put all the cows and the mules on the hill. It wasn’t pleasant,” Broussard says

Broussard also remembers the Great depression; he says locally owned banks were shutting down.

“People lost their home because they couldn’t get no money from nowhere,” said Broussard.

Even now he thinks back on his father’s advice when it comes to finances.

“‘Don’t spend too much money cause it’s going to get to you. what little bit you get you better preserve it,'” Broussard says, remembering his father’s wisdom

In 1939, Broussard got married; they had six lovely children.

Broussard says his wife has passed away.

In 1942 he was introduced to life as a soldier when he was drafted into the army.

At 91-years-old, Broussard says something happened; he met a special woman.

“We’ve been traveling. We’re supposed to go in October to Miami,” he says

In fact, he’s living it up.

He plays cards with the fellas every week.

“Just because I’m old they think they can get my money but I get their money.”

Edwin is also a bit of joker.

He remembers traveling out of state with the Iberia Council on Aging.

As he looked through a telescope he told the group to come check it out.

“‘Look, look I see New Iberia where they make Tabasco!’ I was just pulling their leg,” he says.

All in all, Broussard says his life is good and there’s nothing more he really needs or wants.

“I wish I could be a millionaire but I guess that will never happen,” he joked

Broussard says he retired three times. 

He sold Holsum Bread, then drove a school bus and worked for the tax assessors office. 

He says he has 24 grandchildren.

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