80+ burglaries since Thanksgiving in Iberia Parish


NEW IBERIA, La, (KLFY) – Thieves and scammers are notorious for preying on the innocent during the holidays, and this year is no different.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office has seen dozens of burglaries since Thanksgiving.

In the past four months, the Food and Fun convenient store in New Iberia on Jane Street has been robbed 9 times.

Sunday morning, the thieves entered through a door, but on the 2 previous occasions, they came through another ‘entrance’, which is a window that leads into the Subway connected to the store.

Employees have begun to plaster and seal the window in hopes of stopping the thieves

“He’s taking cigarettes, he’s taking cigars, he’s taking liquor.”

One employee told us as we watched recorded video of the crime in progress.

A spokesperson for the Food and Fun shared surveillance video for the last 2 burglaries with us but declined an on-camera interview fearing retaliation.

The video shows a suspect throwing a brick through the front door, shattering the glass and running straight to the cashier’s counter.

Store management believes it isn’t his first after-hours visit.

Major Wendell Raborn with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office said, “They’re quick! These guys are throwing a brick through the window, Jumping in. They have specific targets in mind that they want to steal. They don’t spend any time in the stores.”

Businesses haven’t haven’t been the only targets.

Since Thanksgiving, the sheriff’s office has responded to 17 business burglaries, 42 homes burglaries, 25 cars burglaries, and almost 400 alarm calls.

During this holiday season, it’s no time to let your guard down.Raborn says, “If you’re not paying attention to your purse or your valuables, somebody else is. So, know what’s there, keep your baskets in front of you, keep your purse with you, maybe on your shoulder. If you’re going to put presents in your car put them in the trunk, don’t let people see that they are in there. Because while you are in the next store shopping somebody may be looking in the backseat of your car trying to steal what you just bought.”

These burglaries are still under investigation so if you have any information that may lead to a suspect call Iberia Parish Crime-stoppers at 364-TIPS.

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