400 new jobs will be making their way to Lafayette. The software development company, CGI is looking to hire a wide range of new employees. This announcement was made by the governor earlier today during his second special session opening remarks.

“Today I am happy to announce that CGI has extended its commitment in Louisiana for an additional three years through 2027. And in addition to retaining the 400 direct jobs currently in place, has committed to hiring an additional 400 good paying high-quality jobs by 2023, right here in Acadiana,” says Governor John Bel Edwards. 

William Labar with CGI says, “It was an amazing day for us, we’ve had a great partnership with the community here and the state and we are incredibly excited to make this announcement.”

By 2023, 800 people in Lafayette will be employed by CGI. The center’s cumulative payroll will exceed $480 million. 

Gregg Gothreaux with LEDA says, “All walks of life represented on their team. It’s not just for computer science majors.”

“We do a lot of are hiring out of the university system, ULL is a big partner of ours. We’ve just started an internship with SLCC. And we also hire experienced hires as well. They typically come from computer science degrees, informatics degrees, business and management degrees, as well as communication so we need all types of skills,” says Labar. 

The governor calls this announcement a win for the state. He says, “We bring the leading jobs of tomorrow to our state, we triple the number of computer science graduates here at the University and we secure a good growth for Acadiana and Louisiana. And we did all of this together.”

CGI says they are hiring right now. For information about new jobs visit their website