4-year-old LPSS student placed on wrong bus after school


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- A Lafayette Parish mother says her daughter was placed on the wrong bus after school.

Now she wants to alert other parents so it doesn’t happen again.

When the bell for dismissal rang Wednesday afternoon, the 4-year-old, first-year student was put on the wrong bus.

“I’m sitting at the bus stop waiting for my 10-year-old son, my 7-year-old nephew, and my 4-year-old daughter to get off the bus: my son proceeds to get off the bus and my nephew, and I’m looking to see where is my daughter,” the child’s mother, Cheryl Jackson said.

Jackson says the bus driver told her that her daughter was not on board. She assumed her baby missed the bus so she drove to the school, where she saw her daughter’s teacher holding the child’s book sack.

That’s when she was told her daughter was put on the wrong bus.

“So, I was like, when were y’all going to call me to notify me that my child was put on the wrong bus?”

Shortly after, Jackson heard a child crying, when she looked over her daughter was running toward her with a complete stranger.

“I asked the lady, how did you get my child? She said I was at the bus stop at Holy Family Apartments getting my kids off the bus and I noticed she was standing on the sidewalk by herself crying,” she said.

With her daughter back at home, two central office employees showed up at the front door to check on the child’s well being.

LPSS Chief Administrative Officer Jennifer Gardner explained the process of located misplaced students.

“The school can call the bus, the bus driver is not going to answer while he’s driving because that’s against policy and protocol but, usually when they get to a bus stop they will check their phone if they see multiple missed calls they’ll take the time to call the school,” the official said. “It doesn’t happen often but that’s the way that we communicate with the bus to look for the child.”

Gardner says an investigation is underway to learn exactly how the little girl was placed on the wrong bus.

The CAO added they’ve already begun talks to identify ways the situation could have been handled more efficiently.

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