LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Some residents disagree with a proposed plan for a vacant lot on University Avenue at Four Corners.

They are asking the Lafayette City Council to reject or hold off on a proposal to build a new convenience store gas station in their neighborhood.  

The property where the store would be built is on the lot where Chase Bank was on University Avenue and Jeanne Street.

“All the people who would be driving out of the gas station would be driving here,” resident France Tranpanier said.

Around the corner from the vacant property lives Randall Labry.  

“It’s hard to get onto University from that corner.  It’s my impression there are already a lot accidents at that corner.  I think it will be much worse with a gas station.”

Gisele Menard owns property near the vacant lot. 

Menard believes property owners included in the discussion of new developments.  

“Whether I am a commercial property owner or residential all rights need to be equally considered.”

His concerns include increased traffic down narrow streets and health hazards. 

“No gas station at all because of the Benzene gas, carcinogen risk.”

He said the suggested development and the quality of how it might be built will attract crime and loitering.  

“There’s also been a lot of homeless and halfway houses popping up on University that would be very close to this.  The two just don’t’ go together.  You’re trying to get away from drug use and addiction and your’re going to have a hard liquor store and 24 hour operation right there.”

Menard says there’s also Plan Lafayette which is designed to restore and revitalize the city’s gateways.  

He calls it a waste of money to devise a plan and don’t follow it.  

“Why don’t we just throw this in the trash, why do we waste our money on this?”