LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As News 10 is profiling candidates running in the November election, Holden Hoggatt is one of the eight candidates running in the 3rd Congressional District race.

Hoggatt told News 10 that it was time for a change, hoping to defeat current Congressman Clay Higgins.

“We need a hard-working conservative republican who produces results for the people and small businesses of our district,” said the candidate of the U.S. Congress, Louisiana 3rd Congressional District. “I’m a felony drug prosecutor currently for Lafayette Parish, so we’re on the front lines of fighting the fentanyl drug crisis and violent crime waves. We also have a mental health crisis, and we’re attempting to deal with that.” 

On top of fighting, drugs, and crime, Hoggatt’s main focus is on inflation and the challenges it is causing families and businesses. In addition to securing the southern border and “keep[ing] the federal government out of our lives and businesses.” 

“I’m a pretty straightforward, easy-to-understand person. I believe in working hard, and I look forward to doing the work for our communities and the district,” he said. 

Hoggatt is also fighting issues in the seafood industry and funding for hurricane relief. 

He shared how devastated areas suffered damage from hurricanes such as Calcasieu, parts of Jeff Davidson, and Vermilion. 

He said Congressman Higgins did not help.

“Excuses were all we got, and excuses are inadequate when your families’ homes have been destroyed. Your business has been destroyed,” he said. “Hurricane disaster, refund aid is difficult to get because there’s no side aside emergency relief fund available so that when the disaster declaration is declared, there’s money set aside and available to draw from and send immediately to get people shelter, evacuated food, fuel, water.” 

News 10 asked Hoggatt why his ads are against Higgins rather than his other opponents. 

“Strategically, it made sense to get people’s attention which I think that ad succeeded in doing, and now we’re releasing more information about myself, my family, my background so that people their interests are peaked,” he said. “Everyone knows it’s true. The general public did not perhaps know the extent of it, so the feedback has been both outrageous that this person has done such bad times is our representative three times in a row.”

Hoggatt added, “the position comes with a great deal of responsibility, and that’s one of the primary reasons I’m running is that responsibility is not being handled right now.”  

If voted for the position, he said he would feel honored. “It obviously comes with a lot of work and a lot of problems that require solutions. I would feel a great deal of responsibility to stay in touch with the people.”