(KLFY)- In the city of Rayne, 10-year-old Amiyah Jones-Settle is bringing her community together to help spread love and peace to everyone.

Amiyah says she sees what is happening around the world and wanted to host a peaceful rally to show that violence is not the answer to equality.

“It helps the community. We wanted to spread love, equality, peace, and justice,” continues Amiyah.

One rally volunteer, Tekaya Jones, says it is up to young people in their communities to stop the ongoing violence and help adults understand that together we can accomplish a much bigger change.

“We need the voice of a child because this is also confusing to adults. We need the voice of a child to tell us to stop,” Tekaya explains.

Amiyah says age is just a number and anyone can make a difference in the world.

She says she hopes this rally will inspire other children to get involved and help make a difference.

“I hope kids and adults go home with activism and something special,” adds Amiyah.

Law enforcement showed their support for the peaceful rally, encouraging others to follow Amiyah’s example of activism.