It’s time for your Lawn & Garden today we’re going to be talking about rats maybe not the co-workers that rat you out but the ones in your yard. Yes yard, house, wherever they are. We have all the poisons that you can put out, we have some that have a coating on them so they can take the weather, Just One Bite is probably our best one we have several of them the Ramik and all that. Different types, then we also have people that are worried if they have a dog or a cat not getting to the bate we have this rodent café. HA I like that, rodent café. So you put your bate in there and dogs can’t get to it. So that’s a safe way of doing it. Then we also have your traps if you want to catch possums, coons, whatever. We have the different ones, squirrels whatever you want to catch we have to glue traps also its safer indoors the glue traps they get caught in there and you just throw the trap out. All you do is put a pecan-peanut in the middle of it and catch them that way. All the products work its just that you need to put them out to control them, because once the winter starts coming in they want to get in also. That’s true so if you’re looking for control rat and mice in your yard inside your home, in your barn, head on over to Chastant Brothers.   

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