We’ve got mulch to talk about on your lawn and garden, you like that? Alright different types of mulch? There are. The barks, the cypress bark, is from the outside of the tree the cypress mulch is from the inside of the tree. So this right here can last you up to two years when you put it down the mulches only last a year. We also have, what I like the best, is the pine needle mulch. It breaks down into your soil to make it a better soil. You can till it in after where the cypress you really can’t till it in. you would have to take it out and put some new one in. But both of them are great products for keeping the weeds down. At the same time when it’s hot like this we’re having trouble with the wood bees and hornets and wasps so I have two great products right here the Viper and the Timbor. You put the Viper out first and that kills the insects, you spray the wood where they’re attacking. Come back two days later you put the Timbor. You mix it with water, spray it down, and it sort of drinks into the wood and it will last a little longer. Because they will keep coming back. And also for a quick knockdown we have an aerosol can for last minute defence, it’ll kill that quickly. So again now is the time to start spreading that mulch. Yes because it will start getting dryer and hotter, put it down, water it well and it will keep the moisture there or in your flower beds. Head on over to Chastant Brothers!  

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