Time for another edition of your lawn and garden with John Chastant here. Weed killers for the lawn. So there’s a difference between the lawn and the ditches? Well yes these are specific in your ditch you don’t care you can use round up so you don’t care what you kill. But in your lawn, you don’t want to kill your lawn, you want to kill  the weeds in your lawn. Of course right now it’s getting real hot so you have to be careful. What you want to do is water your lawn the day before real well too much chemical gets absorbed through the plant, if you just use it when it’s dry and then you’re going to have a burn. So you actually water the day before. Right right, you want it healthy before. I have these chemicals here Image is one does a good job Virginia Buttonweed is ramped right now. The MSM is also probably your best product for Virginia Buttonweed but it can be used in the warmer temperatures without any problems. That’s going to thrive in south Louisiana. And then this Celsius I have is a very expensive product but it basically gets almost every weed that you have in the lawn it’s expensive but it works. I do recommend this Sure Tee, it’s a surfactant which is like a soap like a spread or sticker. Its also a buffer it changes the PH in your water so it makes the product last longer and work better. It really works you add that to anything, your roundup any of these weed killers here and it’s going to make it last longer and stick to the leaves you know some of these water looking leaves it rolls off that going to stop this. Hey if you want to get rid of the weeds in your lawn head on over to Chastant brothers.

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