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Time for another edition of your Lawn and Garden today we’re going to talk about controlling shrubbery and trees along the fence, trees are nice they give us shade but some of those little trees are just, what are those chicken trees? Yes that’s a bad one you know if you have a fence line full of trees shrubbery you don’t need there or even a tree in the yard that you don’t want anymore, you know we have the chemicals to do it. The ones that are in the country that have a lot of property this product right here called Relegate it’s a concentrate that you spray on the trunk of the tree. Or if you want to kill them quicker you cut them and use this pure on top where you fresh cut it’ll kill them much quicker. Then we have this right here it’s a little easier it’s a pellet called Spike and all you do is go around your fence line all the way down and it has a little gadget on top that lets so many pellets out every click so you just do that down you fence line it’ll kill anything under it’s roots underground. It’ll will kill them in that area. For the home owner we have these two products right here two-four D and brush killer you can mix them together, you can spray them separately but if you have a stump that someone cut and it’s not dead yet what you do is drill some holes in it and put this in, this chemical, and it will kill it so then after it’s killed it will naturally rot. And then I have that oil at the end it’s always good to mix an oil with any of these chemicals to make it lasts longer, it going to make it stay. So if you have a little rain after it won’t wash away as quickly. That’s the way to go. Kill those trees the old people they would call that chetokee, the shrubbery along the fence so that what you need head on over to Chastant Brothers  

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