Your lawn and garden time guess what we’re talking about you get three guesses first two don’t count. Hats! Well it’s getting hot out there and you need to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays. So we have a large selection at the feed store. Many many for women, children. We have the old captains hat for the kids or the sheriffs hat and then we have dumb hats like that for you. Imagine he gave one like this one to wear. We have a great selection and it’s real good to wear them all the time during the heat because it really knocks you down. These will protect you, the larger the brim the better. That’s good, whether you’re working on the lawn or garden you need one of these. Well also in the garden its time, its hot and all that, they need a little replenishment of nurturance so the nitrate is something you can side dress around your plant. You can spray about 6 inches away from it. Put a little indenture with your finger and put a tablespoon, water it in well, keeps them healthy and green. If you prefer you can use the Miracle Grow, works well you just have to use that every two weeks. But does a great job. And safe, you don’t have to worry about burning you have to be a little more careful with the straight nitrogen. So in addition to taking care of your lawn and garden take care of yourself and prevent heat strokes get one of these head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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