Time for another edition of your lawn and garden today we’re going to be talking about vegetables I love some delicious cucumbers in my salad what can we do to make sure we have healthy natural cucumbers? We’ll it’s to plant them again he’s already planted some they’re producing now the end of July/August you can plant your seeds again, seeds do better than the plants really they do so plant them directly in your garden they come up in three days and you’ll have another good crop of cucumbers, in three days they’re up your not eating them. Also in July they’re going to start planting your heat tolerant tomatoes as well. I didn’t know there was a difference they hold on to their flowers they don’t fall because of the heat, a regular tomato will lose the flower that the only difference. Still you want to spray your garden with a fungicide, the natural liquid copper and you can spray all of your vegetables with it, its safe for everything, shrubbery, everything. Alright as soon as possible you’re going to let us know when we can start growing some cucumbers that peel themselves right? May not be far away if you want to make sure you got some healthy vegetables in your garden head on over to Chastant Brothers.

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