Time for another edition for your lawn and garden with John Chastant lets focus on the garden at the end of August when do we start planting? Well we’re changing up you can start planting cabbage, you can start planting the plants of that. For seeds mustard, turnip, you know things like that next month we’re getting ready for carrots, you can throw that out. And also shallots a lot of these Cajun people have their onion tops with their gumbos and stuff like that. So these little bubs right here it’s time to plant them and they multiply in onions, yes they’ll make more, you can cut them up, put them in your eggs whatever you do with them but they’re great it’s really your best tasting onion, you know they’re smaller but it’s the best tasting onion. The cucumbers we have in the garden right now my second crop planted like four weeks ago, going good, I would wait till next month to start planting broccoli and stuff like that they can’t take the heat as well as cabbage, cabbage can so you can put that in now. Interesting information alright what in that bag right there? Ah yes you always have to use your 5-2020 fertilizer side dress around your plants or if you haven’t planted in that area yet just till it in work it in and you’ll have all the fertilizer you need for at least 3 months it’s as simple as that so if you want to get your garden ready for the upcoming fall season even though we’re sweating here today fall is right around the corner head on over to Chastant Brothers 

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