Fungicide is on todays topic on your Lawn & Garden, Fungicide, just saying it give me that frissons! John Chastant, what’s the definition of fungicide? Well it’s different diseases that get on all plants ok, even a mold is a type also which you can get rid of with fungicides. So that pertains to your lawn and garden? Correct you get many in the garden I mean most of it is going to use some organic like the liquid copper right here and it can be used on all of your vegetables it can be used on everything but its safe in the vegetable garden and works great. You’re going to have powdery mildew you’re going to have all kind of blights and all that get on your tomatoes. It’s good to alternate we also have the Dithane right here which is a powder you mix with water and you can alternate that, that one is probably the best one for blights. If you have a late blight or an early blight. And also the Daconil very good fungicide especially for the lawn, works great too. You’ll have brown patch and different diseases out there too. That’s a disease? Well that brown patch it’ll grow in the spring and the fall it won’t grow in the winter or the summer. It starts off as a patch then it grows. You’re right! You know what you’re talking about but it’s very similar also to chinch bugs, for chinch bugs it’s July and August but they look identical on how they start. But that takes an insecticide to kill the chinch bugs but brown patch is going on right now will take care of that. Alright for a better lawn & garden head on over to Chastant brothers.

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